Does diversity = white genocide?

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Paradoxically or not, #BlackLivesMatter has worried and alienated many ordinary whites and created new opportunities for dialogue premised upon white interests.

If you haven’t seen the expression, “diversity = white genocide,” you aren’t spending a fraction of the time I am on the internet, researching and discussing events and political activity.

If you’ve seen it and automatically scoff, you’re historically naive.  Correctly understood, you’re likely the bigot–the insistently unreflective person.  Ironic given your probable commitment to being Really Not Bigoted.

If you’ve seen it, believe it, and want to boost the signal, I’m talking to you.

Taking a very long view, it may be true in effect that “diversity” in its presently-fashionable sense equates to white genocide.  Today, though, it’s a challenge for any ethnic group in the West to complain about genocide–in strict terms there’s more of everyone than at any time in history.

(On the other hand, the 21st century is getting very interesting already, and conditions can change quickly.)

It may be more accurate (and more comprehensible to the “normal” individual) to suggest, alternatively, that:

diversity = white displacement


diversity = preconditions for white genocide.

And in fact, while less snappy and memorable, these memes may function better as face-to-face talking points with persuadable people.

Does diversity = white genocide?

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