John Dickinson, social justice warrior

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Dickinson College in Pennsylvania recently put on a program by a credentialized social justice warrior, promoting a social justice theme–#BlackGirlsMatter, I think.

Dickinson College is named for John Dickinson, and the program was presented as a Constitution Day Address, celebrating “the signing of the United States Constitution and commemorat[ing] Dickinson’s connection to that document, through John Dickinson’s participation as an original signer.”

Connecting Dickinson’s name and legacy to a contemporary social justice message is, at a polite minimum, ironic. John Dickinson likely was the strongest non-liberal voice among the Constitution’s framers. His arguments for political organization premised on historical particularity and inherited identity instead of mass democratic homogeneity and empty universal rights are a lasting accomplishment, and his writing is among the finest all-time contributions to understanding and appreciation of the reflective conservative mind.

A blithe presentation of #BlackLivesMatter promotional activity as an extension of John Dickinson’s legacy is an exquisite reminder that social justice warriors always lie, at every level.

John Dickinson, social justice warrior

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