Leftism means lying

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The medical dictionary definition of a phobia is,

[A] persistent, irrational, intense fear of a specific object, activity, or situation (the phobic stimulus), fear that is recognized as being excessive or unreasonable by the individual himself. When a phobia is a significant source of distress or interferes with social functioning, it is considered a mental disorder …

Someone afflicted with phobia is likely to be manic, unstable, and socially malfunctioning. It’s obvious that whatever liberal types are describing as “Islamophobia” does not qualify. It is the same with “bigot,” “racist,” and other common attack terms.

Vox Day is actively developing and marketing the mantra, “Social justice warriors always lie,” and I am glad, because I am a little desperate for this counter-propaganda to make it out into the marketplace of ideas. An academic and media conversation led by left-minded “critical theorists” and social justice warriors amounts to an elaborate dare–a shit-test, if you will–not to call the propagandists out on their obvious nonsense.

Leftism means lying

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